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We have five broad areas of expertise where we extend our knowledge and guidance to our clients - Managed Services, Technology and Data solutions, Retail Branding, Shopper Insights, and Experiential Marketing.

Managed Services

With the escalating issues in operational complexity, many organizations tend to divert their attention away from their business goal and instead put all their efforts and resources in ensuring that their operations are being effectively carried out. Our Managed Services allow our clients to focus on larger aspects of business, while we run their operations smoothly and within top standard compliances.

Our end to end solutions primarily aim at handling Sales Channel Management and HR services

Sales Channel Management

This includes services right from the client’s product placement to ensure they are in the shopping bags of the shoppers. Broadly, these services can be defined as:

  • Managing distribution channels
  • Providing efficient sell-in/sell-out services
  • Conducting visual merchandising and audits
  • Creating and implementing loyalty programs

HR Services

Maintaining an energetic and motivated workforce is easily one of the essential tasks for any business. To tackle this situation, within the spectrum of HR services, we manage the complete employee life cycle. Our HR services include critical functions like asset management, travel management, training, temporary staffing, and smooth transitions.To broadly classify, the verticals in HR are:

  • Temporary Staffing –Temporary staffing is beneficial for brands when they are looking to expand their operations on short notice. We have had more than half a million people pass through our rolls under this service offering.
  • Permanent Recruitment – In permanent recruitment, we believe it is essential that the right people are hired to perform the right tasks at the right place. We have varied experience in recruitment across a host of top-level executive profiles.
  • Transition – We provide structured and hassle-free transitions of the employees since we understand how development helps in reducing pressure or anxiety. Our team of professionals ensure easy onboarding and handles diverse formalities with ease.
  • Training – Training helps in refining various components across the field force and corporate team to push  individuals to perform at their top capability. For this, we offer an entire gamut of training which starts from national to the regional level of training, including formats like classroom-based training, on-the-job training and online training.
  • Payroll Management – Payroll process includes services like monthly salary computation, regulatory compliance (PF, ESI), reimbursement management, F&F and so on.
  • Asset Management – We ensure that the valuable assets are tracked, maintained, upgraded, and recovered.
  • Travel Management –We also oversee travel and accommodation across the country at multiple locations.
  • R&R –To motivate the field team in the form of incentives, we implement rewards and recognition (and policy creation) which ensures their best performance.

Technology and Data Solutions

Our In-house IT team implements one of the best Technology led Retail Management Solutions to provide our partners with full control and enable them to monitor business operations with objectivity.

Sales Channel Management Module (MTrack)

We manage your workforce with the aid of a desktop and mobile-based solution, wherein we capture all the authentic data from the point of execution. This includes location-based attendance and tracking, PJP, visibility, and target achievement, among others.

Retail Visibility Management Module (MView)

We help the visual merchandiser in planning and capturing the details of the workforce, through a mobile-based solution. This includes location-based tracking, POS and visibility metrics, PJP, among others.

Retail Audits & Mystery Shopping Interfaces (MTrueView)

We manage Audit and Mystery Shopping operations which requires real-time data collection, analysis, and findings. Key operations include real-time notifications/tracking, customised questionnaires, GPS verification, etc.

Learning & Development Module (MGurukul)

Through a desktop and mobile-based solution, we disseminate learning on the go. This is done by integrating both the trainer and the trainee on a single digital platform. This includes a knowledge centre, support centre, TNI, pre- & post assessment tests, among others.

Travel & Expense Management Module (MTraXes)

A Desktop-based platform to monitor the otherwise mundane and tedious documentation process with timely approval. Critical processes managed include travel planning, visit record (in conjunction with other tools), online claim submission, claim status, etc.

Retail Analytics & Research (MCatalyst) 

We deploy best-in-class BI tools for Analytics & Insight. To facilitate better business sense, we begin with customer data, sales data, location data, and even third-party datasets on elements such as consumer lifestyles. Eventually, we also analyse the data to discover insights to make concrete decisions.

Retail Branding

Retail efficiency is our utmost concern. It is the destination for all brands. This is where products are presented and sold to the shoppers for their consumption, thereby it is important for a brand to stand out amongst all their competitors. Hence, a intricate process must be developed to ensure that we connect shoppers with brands.

Our team of retail experts have demonstrated quality solutions across various industries and have aided some of the best brands. Our PAN India scope enables us to support our clients across the country easily by providing a centralised service. This process eliminates the confusion of working with numerous vendors. Our customised offerings include:

Retail consultancy

  • Retail format suggestion
  • Setting up of a retail theme

Retail design conceptualization/Design

  • Store design
  • Store guidelines

Retail element conceptualization/Design

  • Creating and designing elements as per shopper journey

Production Execution/Deployment/Installation Retail audit

  • Stock
  • Visibility

Retail maintenance

Shopper Insights

Shopper insights are derived by understanding how one's target consumers behave as shoppers at the last mile across channels and formats. To acknowledge this, we map the shopper’s journey and use relevant Shopper Marketing tools at the path to purchase, which benefits all stakeholders, namely brands, consumers, trade partners and shoppers. Analytics and insights are growing in prominence currently and we understand its importance in the retail space.

A shopper, therefore, is influenced both in a conscious and unconscious state of mind driven by his five alert senses which is beyond visibility and human interaction.

Experiential Marketing

For every brand, it is critical to interact effectively with the target audience and shoppers to boost visibility and exposure. For this service, we identify target audiences, consumers and shoppers, in a way that not only motivates them but also engages them with the brand to influence and leave a positive impression beyond just a transactional relationship.

Following are the mediums through which we try to diminish the deficit of reaching out to the right target audience.

  • Activations – It is the process of instigating consumer action through brand interaction. In layman’s terms, our central aim behind these marketing campaigns is to get the consumers to act and form lifelong connections.
  • Consumer Promotions – We believe in developing the offline world as well. For this, we organise campaigns that put the brand’s merits in focus.
  • Events – By organising live events at various public places, we get traction on the brand and its activities through real-time conversations.
  • MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions forms the acronym of MICE. For the active engagement of the consumers, we try to build a consumer community through this strategic approach.

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