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We are more than just a company, we are a family. Be a part of multiplier family and make a difference .

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Special Leave Policy

Employees are entitled to b’day leave, spouse b’day leave, marriage anniversary leave, children’s b’day and parents b’day.

A culture of social empowerment

3 days WFH in a month for our female employees to help improve work life balance.

Grow with us

Worry not to aspire, multiplier is there to help you fly higher. Career development plans for our employees.

Educational Programs

Learn while you earn with multiplier’s exclusive tie up with top universities & institutions.

Loyalty Bonus

Because your contribution is valuable to us. Special bonus amount is given to employees completing- 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years with us.

Employee welfare

Right from your birthday to marriage multiplier makes you feel special in its own way. Not only this we help employee’s family members to get a job who we lost during the Covid 19.

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"Very conducive environment here in the workplace. I am a HR executive and learnt lots of things from basic level. I love to work here."
Tiasha Halder

"Good organization, always appreciated by all staff members & seniors."

Ravi Taak

"Good company environment."

Babita Verma

"Working culture is awesome."


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Ankush Bansal
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Ankush Bansal


Prashanth Kumar
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Prashanth Kumar

Panasonic Gurukul

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Irfan Ali

Panasonic Gurukul

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