Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key offerings of Multiplier?

  1. Managed Services (Sales channel management)
  2. Technology and Data Solutions
  3. Retail Branding
  4. Shopper Insights
  5. Experiential Marketing

2. What is the key differentiator/Value ads/Key features?

  1. Best shopper insight led, point of buying solution specialist
  2. Connecting shoppers to brand
  3. One-stop solutions in the space of Managed Services, Technology and Data Solutions, Retail Branding, Shopper Insights and Experiential Marketing.

3. The brick & mortar retail segment has seen a new low after e-commerce advancement in the market. How does Multiplier provide solutions which enhances growth in this segment?

  • India is a country where shopper strongly believes in personal interaction and hands-on product experience within the wide range of options/offers. Multiplier hence provides unique shopper experience within the retail format through shopper consultants, AI based technologies and interactive retail units/Tools/Communication

  • 4. Retail outlets compile a lot of factors that needs to be managed and executed efficiently and effectively. How does the managed services that Multiplier provides to accomplish the same.

    1. We have five broad areas of expertise where we extend our knowledge and guidance to our clients –
    • Managed Services –Field force management -B2B/B2C, HR services, Dealer loyalty program, Visual merchandising & Audits and Training
    • Technology and data solutions-Business tools and IT applications and Data analytics on sales, visibility, competition tracking tools (Real time)
    • Retail Branding – Store ideations and planograms, In-store branding, POP display solutions and Concept design, execution and maintenance of retail assets
    • Shopper Insights – Consultancy and Market research on shoppers
    • Experiential Marketing – Activations, Promos, Events and MICE

    5. Data analytics helps in market research that gives insight on consumers which helps shoppers to know customer preference on products. How does Multiplier give customer insight that helps in product selection for shoppers that keeps up with the demands of its customers?

    1. Shopper insights are derived by understanding how one's target consumers behave as shoppers at the last mile across channels and formats. To acknowledge this, we map the shopper’s journey and use relevant Shopper Marketing tools at the path to purchase, which benefits all stakeholders, namely brands, consumers, trade partners and shoppers. Analytics and insights are growing in prominence currently and we understand its importance in the retail space.
    2. A shopper, therefore, is influenced both in a conscious and unconscious state of mind driven by his five alert senses which is beyond visibility and human interaction.
    3. Our science – Find Me, sorts awareness, Know Me sorts considerations and Love Me sorts commitment for the brands.

    6. What are the issues of Human Resource in retail market and how does Multiplier team solve human resource issue in retail segment?

    1. Retail Destination for jobs for people who are interested to make a mark in retail industry
    2. Finding right job – Matching the right JD and laying down measurable KPIs
    3. Compliance – Follow all Govt compliances to secure the employees’ rights
    4. Stability and career growth – Performance based growth, setting up examples within the team
    5. Respect – Rewards and Recognition, Amity online educational affordable schemes, online medical help and consultancy.
    6. Consultancy – Certified consultants consults the employee who are under depression.

    7. Share us a success story about one of your implementations that can help us bring out a good story about Multiplier?

    Amazon- Given the importance of Indian market growth strategy, Amazon in 2013 was scouting for an agency that had the best understanding of retail business in terms of inshop & other activities, bringing in-depth market knowledge and consumer understanding, besides demonstrating commitment to extend a mutually beneficial long-term partnership. Multiplier, since then has successfully established the entire retail sales channel for offline devices in India. The 2014 sales achieved 36,161 units and 2017 exit sales achieved 1,00,019+ units and 2014 productivity 5 per KRE (Kindle Retail Executive) and 2017 exit productivity 18 per KRE (Kindle Retail Executive). Multiplier has also successfully managed to push online sales through fresh offline channels (Vodafone and One plus stores)

    TVS – Women on wheels campaign launched the Scooty institute, a radical initiative for women’s empowerment. 6-day course with a lady trainer and a learning license for Rs. 350/- only after special road safety and traffic session from the traffic senior officers in colleges. Reached 74 towns in 12 months. Contacted 50K girls and 6K plus trained. A complete on ground initiative that drove not only footfalls at the retail leading to sales but created emotional lifetime bonding with the target audience.

    8. Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future goals?

    1. 1000Cr turnover company in FY 22-23
    2. Shift from Service offering to Service plus Product offerings

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